The Real Image of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung is going to organize a big event on February 20 in San Francisco and will step on the company’s Galaxy S 10 Tech platform from the stage of this event. It is discussed that Samsung Galaxy S 10 as well as the Galaxy S 10 Lite, Galaxy S 10 Plus will launch in the international market this day. At the same time, Samsung can also take part in this event from its first 5G smartphone. Several types of leaks have come up so far with the Samsung Galaxy S 10 series. But today 91 phones have brought the Galaxy S 10 Plus email before being officially announced by Samsung.

Android Tech News have received the real image of the Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus. In photos, the phone is shown with both front and back panels. On the one hand, while looking at the look and design of the Galaxy S10 Plus, on the other hand, many important features of this phone have been revealed even before the phone launches. The biggest feature phone of the Galaxy S10 Plus is to have two punch holes. Whereas this phone supports triple rear camera.

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On the front panel of the Galaxy S10 Plus, two small holes are displayed on the upper right side of the display. These two holes have two camera sensors. So far the phones with single punch hole display have come in the market, while the Galaxy S10 Plus is making a new record and the phone with the dual punch hole display is coming. The phone has a fullvay display which is curved from both sides. While the power button is given on the right panel of the phone, there is a volume button and a bikseb button on the left panel.Image result for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

There is a tight rear camera setup in horizontal shape on the back panel of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, which is equipped with flashlight. These four camera sensors will have a telephoto lens with a primary shooter, a wide angle lens and a standard lens. Fingerprint sensor is not provided on the back panel of the Galaxy S10 Plus. In the middle of the back panel Samsung logo has been written down the Galaxy S 10 Plus has been written downwards.
Opus 1 will be priced with Indisplay Fingerprint Scanner, will be launched on February 6

Speaking of specifications, the Galaxy S10 Plus can be launched at Qualcomm’s most powerful chipset Snapdragon 855. At the same time there are some media reports that Samsung’s Xenos 9820 chipset can be found in the Galaxy S10 Plus. A few days ago, the talk of giving 6 GB RAM to the Galaxy S10 Plus on Geekbench also came out. However, soon after the Galaxy S10 Plus, they will also bring the details of this phone’s specifications.

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