If you want to know the phone’s storage status, you have to check in your phone’s settings and check it. However, there are many ways to this. But now, there is a new way to know the status of the phone’s storage. You can check the status of the phone’s storage by visiting the Google Play Store.

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Google has now added the storage status feature while addressing the problems faced by users over space. It was working as 91 Mobiles trials on your phone to check it.

Step 1- For this Android users have to open their Google Play Store. After this there is a clicker on the direct four lines on the left side of where Google Play is written. After clicking, you have to click on the main apps and games coming up.


Step 2- After clicking My Apps and Games, click on Install. Here you will find information about free storage space in the phone. By following these simple steps, you can easily check your phone’s storage.
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Step 3- In this new feature, users can delete apps that they do not want to put in their phones, not just storage. For this, users have to click on the storage. After clicking, you will see a free up space option, from where you can delete the application.

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Recently, Google has removed 85 dangerous apps from its app store, which was keeping an eye on your information in the phone. Let’s tell you that the 85 apps that were deleted have viruses. These apps were running in the background of your mobile by showing fullscreen ed in your phone and keeping an eye on your phone’s unlocking function.

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