Once you have internet, you can download all Google Play Store App. But today I will say that App Install Without Internet (How to download the application without internet)? Many of you people will know about this tricks. 

But if you do not know how to make the play store App is to do it, without any Mobile Data or Wifi, you are the perfect place. So let’s see .. How to Install App without Internet?

App Backup & Restore:
App Backup & Restore is an android application with the help of which we can download Backup of any App from the Play Store and then install it again. It’s like Google Backup & Restore, but Internet Backup is required to install an app from Google Backup. Whereas with App Backup & Restore, we can install an application without Internet.

If you want to download an app without Internet again (App Install Kare Without Internet). So you have to download App Backup & Restore first. After that there will be some Initial Setup. for example..
After you download and install App Backup & restore, you open it. After that click on All Mobile Installed All App and select Backup and save the entire App Backup.

After saving the backup, you can click on the three dot line given on Right Side Up Corner and go to Setting. Open Max version to Keep option here and select 1.
Then you scroll down to the App Backup & Restore Setting and click on Auto Backup Option. Initial Step Completed Now (App Install Kare Without Internet) to download an application without internet.

After you set App Backup & restore to Initial Setting, after that an app gets uninstalled from your phone or uninstalled and you do not have Internet, Mobile Data or Wifi to download App. You can still install that app again. So let’s see how to install.

Step 1. Suppose an App has been deleted or uninstalled from your phone. (Example- I have uninstalled the Mx Player app from my phone) and the phone does not have internet.

Step 2. Now open App Backup & Restore and go to Archived Option.
Step 3. In the archived you search the app that has been uninstalled from your phone. Then 
select it as I have selected the MX Player App.
Step 4. Now click on the Restore Option, the app will be downloaded without internet and you can use Install without Install.
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