We Are Purchasing Apps, Games, Ebooks, Movies, Songs And Many More From Google Play store. In Order To Fulfill Your Needs, We Have To Do It Right. When We Are In-Home or With Friends They Will Take Our Mobile And Starts Downloading Games, Movies, Sharing Data, Watching Videos From YouTube, Facebook etc.. BUT Most Of Our Friends And Family Members Are Buying New Games, Apps, Movies Without Our Permissions. We Cannot Shout Again Them And We Can’t Ignore These Type Of Things Because That’s Not a Small Thing Right. We Couldn’t Stop Giving Our Phone To Them When They Are Asking. If Are Searching For a Solution To This Situation Then You Are In Right Place And I Got a Simple And Permanent Solution To This.

Moreover, When They Are Trying To Make Purchases In Google Play It Will Aks Your Permission (Owner of The Device) To Make Conformation Before Making Payment. Offcourse There Is No AnyWay To Them They Silent Kept That Mobile, If They Added Their Fingerprint To Unlock The Device Then They Can Easily Make Payment Without Our Permission. In Order To Use This Feature In Our FingerPrint Device, We Have To Do Some Little Bit Changes To Access The Feature. CheckOut The Article ” How To Enable Finger Authentication For Google Play Purchases..??? ”.

Here Is The Way To Go

1). Open Your Google Play Store App.
2). Get Into The Settings By Tapping Three Lines On Top Left Side To See The Option Settings By Scrolling Down.
3). After Entering Into The Settings You Can See an Option ” Fingerprint Authentication ”. By Default This Option Is Disable, We Have To Enable It.

How To Enable Fingerprint Authentication For Google Play Purchase

4). Tap On It, By Tapping It Will Ask You To Enter Google Account Password To Make Confirmation Of Enabling This Feature.

5). Enter Your Google Account Password To Enable, As You Can See There is a Tick ( √  ) After You Entered The Password.
6). From Now If Any One Trying To Make Purchases In Google Play It Will Automatically Asks Device Owner Permission  ( Via Fingerprint ) To Make Conformation Before Entering Into The Payment Step.
7). To Restore Into Previous Settings Open The App >> Get Into The Settings >> Uncheck The Option.
I Hope you’ve UnderStood. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and Feel Free to share This Tips it to your friends ………!!!

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