Mobile apps have redesigned digital business in the current market. People no longer visit websites for getting details on their queries, they are inclining toward mobile apps. Though there are a couple of prominent mobile technologies, Android OS drives the scene with a piece of the pie of over 88%. Created by Google, Android stays to be the overwhelming working framework and has been reliably improved with each new form. Regardless of whether it is an online business, gaming or news, there are mobile apps accessible in the online stores.

When contrasted with mobile web, clients invest more energy in mobile apps. This makes an Android app an incredible path for a business to connect with their clients and improve their deals. The Android OS is increasingly amazing, secure, and quicker than at any other time.

Innovation is enormously changing the job of the Android app designers in the nation. Before you procure an Android app development company for making an app for you, you should realize what app patterns will run the Android OS world in 2019.

Latest Android OS – Android Q

Android Q is the latest version of Android after Oreo and Pie. Android Q, approaching its final stage, Google released Android Q beta version 4. And this seems to be the last beta update. As per the recent updates from some beta testers, the update can be downloaded but Android Q beta fails to install the OS and some google pixel devices. Google is now in a big fuss as they couldn’t figure out what is happening with the updated beta version. The reviews say that the Android Q beta version has many cosmetic improvements like face recognition and so on compared to the other versions.

Android Q Beta 1

Android Q Beta Version 1 was the first beta version and was available only to the Google pixel device users. In order to download this version, the user needs to enrol in the Android beta Program. This version focus on enhanced privacy options and other major upgrades. This beta version doesn’t include all the new features as it was a trial attempt. The major notified changes were privacy enhancement and user interface enhancements. Privacy enhancements includes limiting apps access to other third party parameters. Customized privacy prompt window is other highlight compared to the last Pie version of Android OS. Also, it limit the location access to other third party parameters, hence avoiding location access in background while not using the app, ensuring privacy and security. There were many other hidden feature that was to be unlocked in the next version of Q Beta.

Android Q Beta 2

The second beta version of android Q. The major highlights were popup bubbles on the screen – inspired from facebook and IOS, scoped storage, using specific microphones on the devices. Knowing the importance of consistant interaction, Google implemented popup bubbles. Google believes that it improves user privacy, development time and innovation. Also, the scoped storage will alot dedicated storage space for the apps that are installed in the device. Hence improving device speed and performance. Directional microphones make voice control more effective.

Android Q Beta 3

Beta Version 3 of android OS, with dark theme and gesture navigation. The speciality is that without switching to the power saving mode Android Q beta version 3 can allow you to apply dark theme, unlike the previous version beta 2. Gestural Navigation is yet another feature that attracts user the most.

Swiping inwards from either side of the screen returns you to the past screen. On the off chance that you swipe up from the bar, it will take you to the homescreen. In the event that you swipe up and hold, you will be taken to Recents app window. Furthermore, on the off chance that you swipe left or appropriate on the bar, you can switch between the ongoing apps. For opening the app cabinet, you might be required to swipe up anyplace on the dock. Also, the greatest alleviation you no more need to swipe twice to get to the app cabinet from the homecsreen.

Android Q Beta 4

The final Beta version of Android Q is approaching engineers to test apps for compactability with the most recent Android programming. To lead the test, the clients can simply introduce their current app from Google Play onto an Android Q Beta gadget or emulator. Privacy features, scoped storage, fullscreen intents, Gestural navigation, Dark Theme, sharing shortcuts, BiometricPrompt API, Audio playback capture, gameplay recording etc are the other features that are highlighted in android beta 4 version.

Devices that support Android Q Beta

Android Q Beta can be installed in Google pixel devices and other third-party devices like OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro.

Innovative patterns influencing android app development:

Android smartphones are currently accessible at reasonable costs. So the number of Android clients and consequently the number of Android apps continue expanding more and more.

Android App in the digital market:

A few organizations presently observe mobile apps as a key mobile promoting resources. This further increases the value of mobile apps. Those organizations that tap the maximum capacity of android apps can see an eminent development in their income. This improves the degree for android app development organizations further.

Android moment apps would change the game:

Mobile apps are better since they are smoother and offer a superior interface. Imagine a scenario where you could consolidate the integrity of both. That is generally what Android OS would convey mixing the capability of a web app and a local app. This would make apps simpler to be utilized. Lessening the API measure for quicker download, and a couple of other minor changes would be required from the designers.

Consolidating new innovation:

Expanded reality based apps, apps that fuse Artificial Intelligence would be trending in the coming years. Android app designers would likewise need to remain refreshed and have the option to use these innovative headways to make apps better. These apps would be valuable particularly with wearables.

Current Scenario of Android OS & App Development

Much the same as innovation is making the android os & application development process simpler, it is additionally adding to the developing desires from mobile apps.

• Several providers in software solutions have now begun guiding their thoughtfulness regarding Android OS & application development.

• There are various new Android app development organizations coming up every day.

• Android OS designers currently have the adaptability to take up application development courses to adjust their aptitudes and keep awake to-date. So a ton of engineers is currently approaching to dispatch android app development organizations.

• Android engineers and app development firms with rich involvement in this field can endure the challenge. They additionally have an edge over the others in creating apps that can work consistently with different operating systems.

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